" There is a certain struggle one endures in order to find a unique identity as well as fit into society. The influence of traditional values, foreign culture, and the desire for 'self' exploration often creates a conflict within a person's psyche. My interest to observe beings in societal groups, their ability to remain true to self interests, conforming to pressure of expectations, and the challenges of self esteem versus self discipline grows from my journey searching for an authentic creative voice, facing fears and going against expectations in order to pursue a passion that I gave years of self suppression.


I challenge a new thought of stories and nightmares created through my works. The stories of the dark loners. The outcasts. The weirdos. They are the strange. They are the misunderstood. They are you and me. These tales are of the very truths we are so afraid to expose. Those from the past, the present and the future yet to come.


Through Sankofa Pictures, we focus on producing new ways of expression by creating unique, exceptional and imaginative universal stories in film, art and commercial works. Sankofa is derived from the Akan words; SAN (return), KO (go), FA (look, seek and take) and the representation of a bird looking back symbolizes the quest for knowledge with the implication that this is based on critical examination, intelligence and patient investigation. Every project, small or big is treated with this philosophy as our backbone."


Artist. Filmmaker. Observer.


P. Sam Kessie is an emerging London born, Ghana raised artist and holds a BFA in Media Production. She has since won awards and recognition for her works in narratives, documentaries, and music videos. She currently lives and works across the US, Europe and Africa.

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